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Morningstar Staff

Yvonne Silva
Yvonne Silva - Morningstar Directress
Mrs. Silva received her A. M. I. Montessori Training at Good Shephard Maria Montessori Training Center (1964 - 1966) in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). She was trained by one of Maria Montessori's direct students. She has been a Montessori teacher since 1966. In fact, she is now teaching a second generation of students (the children of former students).
Jodi Martinson Jodi Martinson
Jodi started at Morningstar as a parent. Her son attended Morningstar for three years. Jodi has helped for over ten years at the school. She is currently the exercise instructor and a full-time teacher's aide.

Selvyn Silva

Selvyn Silva
Mr. Silva has lived with Montessori ever since he came to the United States. His two sons were Montessori trained.

The Silvas are fortunate and blessed to have our own second generation students, "grandchildren", in our school. Mr. Silva assists in the classroom and at lunch time when needed. The children enjoy his presence very much and he is loved by all!