Morningstar Montessori House of Children
A Typical Day at Morningstar Montessori

Mastery of Everyday Skills
Part of every day's work is to practice life skills. Students arrive and are responsible for putting their belongings (lunch, jacket, etc) in their places. Throughout the day, practical life exercises continue with activities such as:

  • preparing snacks and cleaning up after snack time
  • setting a table
  • washing chairs and equipment
  • assisting with classroom organization tasks
  • snapping, buckling, tying shoelaces
  • telling time

Exploring the Classroom - Individually and With Others
Students begin work after they are welcomed to the classroom. They may choose to sit quietly at a table, or on carpeted floor mats. They may watch the work of another child without disturbing or interrupting. Older children may pause to help younger children grasp a difficult concept. When a child begins his/her chosen work, the activity may include practice in:

  • language and vocabulary
  • reading 
  • writing
  • numbers and mathematics
  • geography
  • art
  • music (singing)
  • fine motor skills and balance
  • geometry and spatial relationships
  • botany

Circle Time 
Students gather daily for circle time which provides the opportunity for group lessons and discussion. Students sit on the floor in a circle facing each other as the teacher guides the course of the activity.

Snack Time
Snacks are provided in the morning and the afternoon. Students are able to socialize together at this time and energize with a healthy snack.

Outdoor Time 
As the weather allows, students are able to enjoy 30 minutes to an hour of outdoor activity during the day. This time is a free play time in which students may do such activities as use their imaginations, run, swing, operate the "robot claw grabbers" to pick up items, engage with the environment, apply their knowledge of leaves, clouds, seasons, socialize, etc.

Exercise Time
Exercise time is a teacher-led group activity. Students dance, move, jump, sing and exercise in a playful and physically aerobic way together.