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Susie Huston Memorial Award

Susie Huston Memorial Award

Award Recognition

Award Recognition

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"Before my daughter graduated at 5, she was reading chapter books, adding and subtracting, identifying countries of the world, and naming trees and birds in our neighborhood.  She also thought she could speak Spanish and French after receiving weekly lessons (...she knew some songs and could count to 20!).  At 3, my son is able to do advanced puzzles, write his name, identify geometry shapes and patterns, and focus for extended periods of time on things that really interest him.  More than the academics, though, it is the less tangible things that make Morningstar Montessori a preschool I'd recommend to anyone.  The abiding love, guidance and consistency of the Directress and her staff have helped shape both of my children into courageous, determined, thoughtful, honest, independent and capable children.  They are also grateful children.  And I am grateful.  Ms. Silva and Morningstar Montessori have been a family to my family.  More than just a school, it is a second home. "

--Kelly B., Troutdale, Mother of 2"

"Before enrolling at Morningstar, our first child attended a larger and more well-known Montessori school for 1.5 years.  Boy are we thrilled that we made the change!   Mrs. Silva is a woman who has lived and breathed Montessori education for decades.   She is unflappable, with the sort of inner peace that gives children the courage to challenge themselves. 

Our previous experience was a revolving door of less experienced teachers, many of whom were not yet certified. Morningstar provides an education that is far superior to other schools.   The environment is genuine, without attention to being flashy or looking good on paper.   There is no 'flavor of the month' curriculum experimentation.  The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and calmly firm (when required).  There is no employee turnover requiring the children to adapt to new faces.Our two children are as different as night and day, but each of them has blossomed at Morningstar.  They have been happily doing double digit math, writing, and developing life-long focus skills from a young age.

I believe that there is no better preschool in the area, at any price."  --Lisa S., Corbett, Mother of 2

"My daughter has been going to Morningstar Montessori since she was 3 years old and has loved every minute of it.  Mrs. Silva has a special and unique way of teaching the children to be respectful and independent individuals. My daughter is now five years old and already reading and writing.  The student to teacher ratio is also great.  She usually has 3 teacher's aides to help out with the children.  The school environment is safe and the kids learn so much.  I highly recommend that you send your kids to Mrs. Silva."
--Dr. Christina V., Mother of 1